Christian Dotremont 1922 - 1979

  Logogram 1972 entitled.
  ' There in the North winter is a long thought, springtime is a short thwack, summer is a long throb, autumn is a short  thanks.'

Christian Dotremont was born in Tevuren in Belgium in 1922.
Through all his life Dotremont experimented with the art - wanted to find the importance of art. Incessant he worked with words - pictures and signs looking and uncovering the facets of art.
Dotremont couldn't stop playing with words and concepts - twist them in his own filosofic way, and each time end up with a surprising result. Even though he worked with many aspects the most important was always the words. Dotremont was a poet, he expressed his feelings and thoughts  to the spectator on the beautiful whiteness of the paper. He created torn signs from written arabesques, which he named 'Logogramms'.

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